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About Us

ADVIN is a global Technology venture start-up which designs and drives digital solutions that are intuitive to use, easy to implement, and readily embraced by the whole community particularly for the low income people around the world.



The sole aim of the organization is to bring digital infrastructure, new appropriate services and products, enabling everyone to improve their lives, build societies and secure a better future for all. We are committed to implementing affordable, easy to use and cutting-edge connected digital  technologies for the people around the world..

Our Innovation

Our innovation is a human-centered collection of intelligent system applying science and technology, social and business innovation to empower individuals and to  transform lives.

Our Portfolio

Digital Health

 ADVIN Care is a connected, portable and intelligent health care system embedded with artificial intelligence that allows healthcare workers to monitor vital signs and screen major non-communicable diseases anytime and anywhere.

Economic Improvement

The next generation industrial energy maintenance solution provider and efficiency improvement platform that will save time for the business and provide economic opportunity for the semiskilled workforce in developing countries.

Renewable Energy

Big data and artificial intelligence are producing ultra-accurate forecasts that will make it feasible to integrate much more renewable energy into the grid. We are committed to providing the best LCOE solutions as well as promoting the advanced solar technology.  

Smart Agriculture

An Intelligent platform, which aimed at providing smallholder farmers to digital purchase of farm inputs, tools & technology at a low cost through the formal financial system linked to an identity card and ICT-enabled platforms.

Digital Commerce

An innovative comprehensive financial technology platform that will streamline financial processes by providing secured lending options and eCommerce access to rural communities.


Social Wellbeing

We are dedicated to improving the availability of potable water and to creating income-generating opportunities in developing countries. We believe that one critical piece to solving this puzzle is engaging local entrepreneurs to take a stake in providing safe water by creating incentives for them to do so.

Social IMpact

Our innovation will provide early detection of diseases which saves lives, provide affordable low-cost healthcare to rural patient at door steps which saves time and money, confirm access to doctors which will remove doctor patient gap, access to right medicine which avoid drug related health complicacies, keep and monitor health data for future health monitoring.

Create new employment opportunity for sustainable income for rural women, finally establish a better healthy community which will improve the rural productivity and ensure a better economy.

Our Partners

Meet the Team

Chief Technology Officer


Shamim is an IT Architect with more than 15 years of experience in Health, Finance and Insurance industry. He is a Big Data specialist for many large organization in North America.He completed his Masters ( Machine Learning) from University of Toronto.

Chief Marketing Officer

Quinn is a result-oriented Strategy & Innovation expert with six years of experience in Strategy Development, Digital Transformation and Partnership Development. He Graduated from University of Toronto with major in Immunology and Global health.

Chief Innovation Officer


Alim is seasoned social entrepreneur who successfully developed energy & education venture in developing countries. He is a GSBI, MaRS Impact8 Fellow. He Graduated from University of Toronto with major in Health Science.

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